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BI For Healthcare – Get Value From Massive Structured And Unstructured Data

April 10th, 2021

The Healthcare environment adds a lot of data daily to the software systems in place. This massive data is of no value unless it is handled by intelligent software to extract value from it. There comes the Business Intelligence (BI) system for Healthcare. With a proper BI for Healthcare in place, any person can be trained to take informed decisions that steers the business towards profit and excellence in service. Support systems like the Clinical Decision Support systems can be used effectively only with a BI as a base system. Many organizations are moving towards BI to move their business forward.

Benefits of BI for Healthcare

With a proper BI in place in the organization, the employees can be trained in that system to access relevant information on time. The information they get can be put to use right-away to create excellent reports that help them to make informed decisions. They can interact with their colleagues in a better way and monitor the key performance indicators (KPI) that help them in taking decisions.

With the use of BI software, the staff can align themselves with the department and organization goals. The tools available in BI software for reporting and analysis are of great use to get value from structured and unstructured data available in the system. The current trends can be explored easily and the goals and actions modified accordingly.

To get all these benefits with the use of a BI for Healthcare, it is necessary that the organizations use the right kind of BI software from the best service provider.

Service Providers

There are many service providers in the field of BI for Healthcare. You can seek the services and products from a provider that has extensive experience in the implementation of a BI solution in healthcare. Some of the BI providers and the case study of their clients are given below:

Microsoft: – Microsoft is a BI solution provider with a variety of products that help in analyzing structured and unstructured data. Products like SQL Server 2008, SharePoint, Excel 2010, SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services, MS Office Visio, SQL Server Analysis Services, and SQL Server 2008 Integration Services are used in providing a BI solution for any customer.

Companies like WhiteCloud Analytics and Perficient have partnered with Microsoft to provide BI solutions to their customers. They analyze the waste and inefficiencies in the organizations and move towards improving the performance of the organization.

Meriter Health Services a healthcare provider in Wisconsin has implemented the BI from the Microsoft stack. The BI helps the orthopedic surgeons to provide the effective devices for their patients. Meriter Health Services has saved over $1 million in the 8 months of using the BI solution.

Falck Healthcare a healthcare matchmaker has saved around 5% of their operational cost with the implementation of the BI solution. They say that the savings will pay itself for the implementation of the BI in about 18 months.

QlikView:- QlikView is a BI solution provider in the Healthcare industry. They help in increasing the efficiency of the operations and delivery of Healthcare. Some of the benefits of using the BI of QlikView are shorter patient waiting time, getting consolidated diagnostic information, reduced errors, reduced operational costs, and reduced time to collect reimbursements.

Allina Health, a healthcare provider in North America, has implemented QlikView’s BI solution. With that implementation there is an improved transparency in performance of physicians. Access to ambulatory care quality data is available across the organization with the BI solution. An optimal experience for the patients’ is also achieved with the QlikView BI solution.

Children’s Healthcare of Atanta (CHOA) has implemented QlikView’s BI solution and they have reduced the reporting time of their 500 employees by more than 65%. Before the implementation of the BI the waiting period for queries related to research were 10 to 12 days. This waiting period was completely eliminated with the use of the BI solution from QlikView.

CitiusTech:- CitiusTech is a BI provider for the Healthcare industry. Their product BI-Clinical is a platform for BI and analytics. There are many pre-built tools available in BI-Clinical that helps healthcare professionals to measure up to 600 KPIs’.

ACO uses BI-Clinical for clinical performance management in a connected environment. HIE uses it for analytics and quality reporting. Hospital Market uses BI-Clinical for intelligent reporting and analytics in revenue cycle management and department billing. There are many other companies like Managed Care, Cloud, EHR ISV and Ambulatory EMR that are benefited by using BI-Clinical.